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Holiday homes with pool


General conditions for holiday rentals.

1. Definitions:
1.1. Accommodation: 1.2. Lodging provider: The actual provider of the reserved accommodation that is also in charge of the provision of services such as key collection, maintenance, etc. And that he receives the payment that must be made by the lessee on the spot according to the reservation. 1.3. Booking Agent: The lessor himself, possible intermediary or other independent organization that is responsible for the lessor of the administrative processing of the reservation and that receives the payments. 1.4. Renter: the person mentioned on the booking form. 1.5. Rental price: 1.6. Reservation. 1.7. Reservation Form: 1.8. Landlord: person (owner) or company that represents the owner who provides the property mentioned on the reservation form. 1.9. Website.
2. Scope of application:
These general conditions of reservation apply to all booking agreements between the Lessee and Lessor.
3. Conclusion of the reservation contract:
At the time the tenant makes a reservation through the Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or in person with the Landlord or another booking agent, a contract to which these general conditions apply shall be deemed to have been entered into.
4. Modifications:
The modifications of the reservation contract and the exceptions to these general conditions of reservation will only take effect if they have been agreed in writing between the lessor or the reservation agent and the lessee.
5. Terms of payment:
Bookings can be made via the Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or personally with a booking agent. The down payment as mentioned on the booking form, must be received by the booking agent within 3 working days after the reservation is made. Not paying on time may result in cancellation of the booking. The remaining balance must be in the booking agent’s possession not later than the date mentioned on the reservation form. If these payment terms are not observed the booking agent is entitled to cancel the booking without having to refund the payments that have already been made. If bookings are made within six weeks before the rental period, the rent and any deposit, must be paid entirely at time of booking. Deposits will be refunded only if the booking cannot be honoured due to a cause attributable to the letter or booking agent.
6. Price:
The prices are indicated in euros per accommodation and per week or per day.
We reserve the right to change the price of the trip if there are variations in rates, exchange rates and taxes. In that case, the net amount, ie without surcharge, of the increase in these expenses will be passed on. We are not responsible for printing errors in the brochure and in the price list. If this increase occurs within three months of receipt of the reservation form, the lessee may terminate the contract. In that case, the amounts already paid will be returned to the tenant.
7. Termination:
The contract will be terminated (the reservation is canceled) if the lessee does not comply with the provisions of point 5. The payment on account will be used in that case to cover the expenses incurred and the damages suffered, particularly the loss of benefits.
8. Cancellation:
 he tenant may cancel the rental agreement in writing up to 60 days before the start of the rental. If the tenant cancels the booking agent will retain the down payment (first payment). The tenant will owe the full rental price to the letter if cancellation occurs within the 60 days preceding the agreed rental.
 9. Insurance:
The rental price does not include insurance unless it is expressly stated that the rental price includes insurance and the type of insurance is indicated. The booking agent can inform you about the possibility of taking out travel and / or cancellation insurance.
10. Liability of the lessor:
The accommodation provider, booking agent or landlord will not be liable in any way for the loss (of value) and / or damage to the tenant's and other occupants' property resulting from the incorrect use of the lease. If the lessee suffers damages as a result of defects in the leased, the responsibility of the lessor will be limited to the rental price. The legal indemnity will be applied to the damages that have occurred as a result of the contractual breach of the lessor. The landlord shall not be liable for any other damages.

11. Liability of the tenant:
The tenant who reserves accommodation for other occupants (in addition to himself) will be jointly and severally liable for the total rental price and damages caused by his behavior and for the conduct of all others who stay with him in the rented accommodation. Trash should be placed in the nearest container. If it is verified that on the day of departure the trash has not been removed, 60 € of the deposit will be charged. The reservation will be valid for the number of people indicated in the booking form. Therefore, it is not allowed to occupy the accommodation with more people than indicated and occupancy with a higher number of people could lead to termination of the rental agreement and loss of the deposit. In that case, the payments made will not be refunded and the lessee must pay the total amount of the rent. If the tenant intends to accommodate in the rented accommodation more people than allowed, the lessee must request it in writing to the booking agent prior to the beginning of the rental period. The hosting provider may refuse or require the payment of an additional charge. The tenant agrees to occupy the accommodation in accordance with the general rules in force.
12. Bond:
A deposit of € 200, - and € 1,000, may be required, - in the case of accommodation with a telephone. In case of damages and / or losses in the leased, and / or in case of fault of the lessee, the total amount of damages will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage and / or loss suffered in the lease, or damage suffered by the owner and / or the provider of the accommodation are higher than the amount paid as security, the lessee must pay the rest directly to the accommodation provider. The breakages, losses and / or damages in the leased must be communicated within a maximum period of 48 hours to the provider of the accommodation and the damages must be compensated.
The deposit will be returned within 8 days after the end of the rental period.
If the reservation is made by a group of young people the company reserves the right to withhold twice the stipulated amount of the security deposit for security reasons depending on the quality of the house, to ensure respect and community standards as well Like the return of the house in perfect condition.

13. Duration of stay, arrival and departure:
For more information you can contact your booking agent. In the event that you arrive after hours, the Accommodation Provider is entitled to charge you the expenses incurred by this key delivery. The day of departure must leave the accommodation before 10:00 am and return the keys to the agency. Otherwise the accommodation provider and the owner have the right to charge you compensation for damages. This act could imply, as a minimum, the loss of the bond or deposit.
If you believe that they will arrive outside of our schedule, they should contact us to make the outstanding payments by credit card. This point is very important, since keys can not be delivered without having the payments confirmed in advance.
We also offer the possibility of escort service to the apartment, outside the business hours for an extra cost.
At departure the tenant must leave the accommodation in a considerable, tidy and swept state. The elements inside and outside the accommodation as furniture etc. They must be put in their original place (as on arrival). The dishes should be washed and stored in place. The Housing Provider has the right to make a final inspection. If the Lodging Provider observes that several pieces of furniture have not been placed in their original location or if the accommodation is not in a substantial order and sweeping condition, the Hosting Provider shall be entitled to charge the additional cost to the Lessee.
14. Documents:
The booking agent will provide you with the necessary general information regarding the rented accommodation and its surroundings.
15. Modification or termination:
The Lessor may modify or cancel one or more of the essential points of the services agreed upon by serious circumstances. Severe circumstances shall mean those circumstances that are of such a nature that it is not considered reasonable to require the fulfillment of the contract to the accommodation provider.
In case of force majeure, war, strikes and natural catastrophes, the accommodation provider may cancel the reservation. In this case, the booking agent is obliged to return the amounts already paid. In order to ensure quality, the accommodation provider reserves the right to replace the rented accommodation with similar accommodation.

16. Claims:
If you see an error or deficiencies in the destination, you are expected to notify the accommodation provider or the local booking agent / agent in order to avoid inconveniences. When serious complaints arise on the spot, you must immediately notify the accommodation provider. In this way, the hosting provider has the opportunity to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. If your complaint is not resolved on the spot to your satisfaction, you must submit your complaint, in writing and in a reasoned manner, to the booking agent within 2 weeks after leaving the accommodation, failing which the claim will not be accepted. If you change to another accommodation or leave the rented accommodation in advance without consulting the reservation agent, you will lose all restitution rights.
 17. Cleaning Expenses:
On the website and in the price list you can check if the cleaning costs are included in the corresponding accommodation.
 18. Bed linen and towels:
Bed linen and towels are included in the rental price. To be sure, you can check the characteristics of each accommodation on the website. For the weekly change of clothes, you must bring the dirty to the office, where you will be given the clean. You may have to change your bed linen and towels at the end of each week of your stay at the reception of the key delivery address. It is important that towels are not missing during the holidays, especially having your own swimming pool at two steps. Therefore, we advise you to bring some towels yourself.
 19. Additional facilities:
In many cases, if indicated directly at the time of booking, you can request a crib, a high chair, a park, etc.
20. Domestic animals:
Most owners do not allow pets. Only with the express authorization of the accommodation provider and indicated on the reservation certificate, a pet will be allowed in or around the dwelling. It may require an increase in mandatory final cleaning costs of € 50, - per pet, as well as an additional amount of Security Deposit.
 21. Indication of comfort level:
On our website you will find an indication of the level of comfort. This indication is an assessment of the quality and comfort of the accommodation concerned. * * * * = Luxury, * * * * = top, * * * = good, * * = standard.
 22. Works:
The accommodations listed in our brochure and on our website are privately owned by different owners and are generally located in large residential areas. The accommodations are therefore not found in resorts, so incidentally it may happen that unexpected works take place in the surroundings. Neither the accommodation provider nor the booking agent nor the landlord will be liable for any inconvenience caused by works not carried out by the accommodation provider.
23. Satellite TV:
If the description indicates satellite TV, this does not mean that you can receive all the programs you want. The owners of the houses, mostly foreigners and not always are apt to capture the Spanish broadcasters.
24. Water and electricity:
In southern countries there are more frequent cuts in water supply and electricity. In no case can the accommodation provider or our organization be held responsible for the damages caused.
25. Power consumption:
It may happen that in certain seasons for accommodation with heating and / or air conditioning a weekly surcharge is required. For information, you can check them on the website or you can contact your booking agent.
26. Choice of law and applicable law:
Unlike legal rules on the jurisdiction of the civil court, any dispute between the supplier and the contractor or the client will be submitted exclusively to the competent judge of the country or the region where the Landlord is established or resident. After the lessor has invoked this provision in writing, the lessee may elect for one month to submit the dispute to the competent civil court in accordance with the law or applicable international treaty. The lessor may consider the address indicated by the lessee correct, unless otherwise noted. Any contract between the lessor and the lessee will be governed by European law.

27. turismodevacaciones, manages housing for members and companies:
Check the place and time of the delivery of keys.

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